Tuko Pamoja is a Swahili phrase common in Kenya, meaning "we are together". This phrase is the basis of Koko's Village, which strives to bring communities together to help the youth and impoverished.  

With high levels of HIV/AIDS and poverty cases in Trans-Nzoia County and Sitatunga Village in particular, many children find themselves in a fight for survival. Koko's Village educates, nourishes, and empowers this population. Koko's Village is a fully registered Christian, Community Based Organization (CBO) in Kenya. Koko's Village was created by David Walala to close the gap between poverty and success.

David says, ''looking at the adults in my village, I see great potential that was never nurtured. Even within my own former classmates from primary school, I can see potential engineers, pilots, doctors, artists, sportsmen- all talent that was never realized, simply due to neglect, vulnerability or a lack of opportunity. I desire to change this and make my village a greater place. It is heartbreaking to see potential wasted or never realized due to varying situations that could have been controlled.''

The main aim of the organization is to build a hope for the future of the people of Sitatunga Village, with Jesus being in the center of this hope, through better child care and the provision of quality education. We support the orphaned, neglected, very poor, vulnerable and the marginalized in this rural village. It's  our main desire to transform the most vulnerable in our midst today to becoming pillars of our society tomorrow.

Tuko Pamoja