This 85 year old grandpa's life was shocking. Unable to care for himself, he lives in a little horrible mud shack, by himself. We helped him out of the house, cleaned his house including all his cooking utensils, cleared his compound, gave him a Christmas gift and made a meal for him. This man,  who could not walk or talk, was able to do both from the joy that clearly had overcome him and said "angels have visited me". The. Smiles for Grannies. delivered Christmas presents to 16 grandmas and grandpas. Because of donations, we were able to double the amount of elderly cared for this Christmas. Thank you all who made this possible, May God Bless you.

Denis is currently a 10th grader at St Teresa's Secondary School

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Going out into the community surrounding Koko's Village Center to help in jigger eradication  is our goal We thank our donors, who have help purchase, new shoes, socks and medicine to kill these burrowing insects.

Thank you to ongoing support, from the United States and in Kenya,  we have sponsored  four older children to continue their education at secondary or middle school. Education is so desperately needed and these children's  families cannot afford this "luxury".

Christine attends, as an 8th grader, Cherangani Hills Secondary School

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